"Camino Real" Collection - New Mexico Shirt

Welcome to evangelinaluna.com website. This has been a long process and it could be a long story but I do not want to take your time with that.

Instead I will just talk about our introduction to the Internet. I have been working with various textiles but Cotton has been always my favorite. Among other things, It's easy to wear in all weather, It's good for your skin and garments look beautiful on anybody.

I decided to start with a basic shirt for men and women that is comfortable, looks great, feels good and is not just a t-shirt. Since this is the first item in my "Camino Real" collection I decided to call this shirt New Mexico because New Mexico is a very important part of Camino Real and is the state where I'm starting this business adventure.

When I saw the Cotton Blend Fabric I loved it and I decided to start the same New Mexico Model with that fabric. The Shirt looks fabulous, feels Great on the Skin and very easy to care.

I'm sure you will like and enjoy every piece of my collection. i will be adding one piece at a time.


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